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Fedur plate is a bimetallic plate that offers a combination of hardness and thoughness. The Fedur Top layer has a hardness of at least 62 HRc, typical 64 HRc (800 HV) consistent up to the Base layer. The Fedure Base layer is extremely tough and easily weldable. By choosing the correct ratio between Top and Base layer we can produce a product that offers a good balance between hardness and thoughness.

Fedur plate is available in the following options:

  • Plates with standard dimensions in different Top layer - Base layer thicknesses.

  • Custom-made plates.

  • Manufactured according to the client's specifications.

  • Available with welded studs with threaded ends.

  • Fedur plate can be measured ultrasonically, which makes it easy to monitor remaining thickness.

  • Fedur plates can be cut with torch, plasma or waterjet.

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