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The unique round shape in Fedur laterals is one of the reasons for fighting wear in combination with extreme hardness and thickness. You can be sure that your equipment is up and running without unnecessary standstills


Fedur fittings offer a durable solution for high abrasive slurry transports. They are widely used in the dredging and mining industry. Fedur fittings are available in Y, tru Y, X, T and Oxhead shapes. The minimum wall thickness in combination with the thickness of the Top and Base layer is based among others on operating pressure and application. The maximum wall thickness varies with diameter, fitting type and slurry properties. Practical examples illustrate that the life of Fedur fitting can be up to 14 times longer than convential fitted parts. By focusing on a combination of material and flow properties, we are able to create a durable solution. This reduces the need of replacing parts, means less maintenance, less downtown and significantly reduces life cycle cost.

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