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  • A unique wear resistant bimetal.

  • The wear resistant Top Layer and ductile Base Layer are metallurgically bonded.

  • The Top Layer is extremely hard > 62HRc (800HV), up to the Base Layer.

  • The Base Layer acts as impact absorber and provides pressure containment in fittings.

  • The Base Layer is easily weldable.

  • Fedur has a smooth Top Layer surface due to its fine grain structure.

  • Various Top/Base Layer ratios available.

  • Wear resistant Top Layer up to 50 mm thickness.

  • Fedur has a great price/quality ratio.

  • Fedur is 100% recyclable and has a low CO2 footprint.

  • Fedur can be safely moved with the help of lifting magnets.

Fedur offers practical solutions for all your specific requirements and needs.

Fedur extreme wear-resistant steel for all applications : straights, Y and W laterals, reducers, expansion barrels, plates, short and long radius elbows and bends for high abrasive slurry service with wear resistant layers up to 50mm.

Our Fedur applications are widely used in many major mining operations, dredging vessels and plate markets.

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